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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Debut Album “Wonderful Land” – CD-RELEASE FALL ‘09

Saba recorded and performs his original compositions with his sextet, the Bassam Saba Ensemble, consisting of Megan Gould on violin, William Martina on cello, Ben Street on doublebass, and April Centrone and Jamey Haddad on percussion. Saba plays the nay (Arabic end-blown reed flute), flutes (standard, piccolo and alto), ‘ud (Middle-Eastern lute), buzuq (Arabic long-necked lute), saz (Turkish long-necked lute), and Flying Machines, an emerging New York based rock band, “Citizens” will be recorded and filmed at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, February 22-26, in six different languages and in collaboration with four international superstars: Khaled (Algeria/France), Cheng Lin (China), King Sunny Ade (Nigeria), and Kailash Kher (India) whose cumulative worldwide record sales are at 73-million to date.� This unique collaboration began with the vision of�Bassam Abdallah, CEO of EQUUS-WORLD, a multinational business enterprise dedicated to creating products and media that build bridges between people and cultures.