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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lin Cheng


Lin ChengCheng Lin is one of China‚Äôs best-selling artists who has influenced generations of her fellow-country men with her music. She is one of the country’s most renowned vocalists and a master of the Erhu (Chinese violin) which she was taught to play by her father at the age of 6.

At the age of 13, Cheng Lin released her debut album which was an overnight sensation and pioneered a distinctly Chinese style of pop music. She went on to become the most successful vocalist of her generation with sales of over 25 million albums.

She now works both in China, where she continues to perform to huge audiences and critical acclaim across the country, and in the US where she collaborates with some of the world’s top producers and artists, making music that fuses East and West and touches hearts around the world. See Tours & News for the latest updates.

Released first album "Little Horn"
1983		Released album "Cradle of Childhood"
1984		Released album "New Shoe, Old Shoe"
1985		Her hit song "Panda Mimi" was on top of the charts of the year
1986		Performed in a charity concert for orphans in Guang Zhou;
received "Outstanding youth" award
Released album "Song of 1987"
Performed "Xin Tian You" on the most watched Chinese New Year?s TV special.
Her music style of "Northwest Wind" swept all over China
Performed "Good Boy" in Chinese New Year?s TV special
 		Cast as a leading actress in the movie "Black Snow" with leading actor Jiang Wen,
Which won the Silver Bear Award in Berlin
1990		Studied at the University of California in US,
at the same time studied with top vocal coach Seth Rigs
1993		Performed sold-out touring concert all over China and the US
1995		Released album "Home Coming" , produced by James Wong
1996		Received "Achievement Award" in the Ten Years Retrospect show in Beijing
1997		Received "High art quality and higher character quality" award in "Helping Hand Concert"
			Release album "Fresh ErHu"
Performed a charity concert for disabled children
Performed in a fundraiser concert 	to help unemployed women
Received "Love Forever" Award
Received "Outstanding Musician" Award in Guang Zhou
Performed in the first CCTV concert in Taiwan entitled "The Same Song" which received
 "The best cooperation" award
Received "Chinese Music Special Contribution" award at the 5th Chinese Music Media Event
2002 		Invited by Chinese Children?s Foundation as the ambassador of Love helping Tibetan children?s
project "Spring Bud School" ;
Performed in front of Potala Palace at the handover ceremony
As the sponsor, helped to build a school in Mahe, Yanshi city of Henan Province. Provided around
400 students a better environment
2003		Invited by Grammy Award winning producer KC Porter on the "Embrace the World Tour" in
			North America
Invited by French artist Jean Michel Jarre to " Sino-French Culture Year" concert held in Tiananmen
Square and Forbidden City which broadcasted live in CCTV all over the world
 		Song "Only one earth" composed by Cheng Lin and James Wong received the first national
environmental protection "Golden Song" Award
2005		Performed in "Flying the loving heart" social event on the day of World Blood Donation
2006		Invited by American band "Ozomatli" to perform Erhu on the song "Don?t mess with the dragon"
2007		Sponsored the charity event "Children?s fashion show". Proceeds were donated to orphanages.

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